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Mercy Medical Center gives friends and family members near and far away a chance to view the newest arrival to their family. With parental permission, newborns are posted to the website upon discharge. Friday afternoon patient discharges will be posted to the website on the following Monday.

You may search by baby or parent’s name. To view all babies born at Mercy in the last sixty days, leave fields blank and scroll down the list.

Instructions to download your baby's photo.


Birth DateNameBorn To
February 21, 2015 Leighton Elise Ray and Desene
February 20, 2015 Gwenevere Rose Kenric and Joy
February 20, 2015 Jack Otto Amanda and Cam
February 19, 2015 Andrei Andrei and Alina
February 17, 2015 Henley Lyla Lacey and Dustin
February 17, 2015 James Robert Lawerence Janet and Robert
February 16, 2015 Carter David Monique and Ken
February 14, 2015 Gracelyn Elizabeth Jake and Courtney
February 14, 2015 Kyla Joy Scott and Monique
February 14, 2015 Flexis Aleksandr Nathan and Sasha
February 12, 2015 Teresa Clare Monica and Jordan
February 12, 2015 Kyson Aaron Ceara and Blaise
February 12, 2015 Kalle Jane Jeremy and Janie
February 12, 2015 Liberty Barbara Jyssica and Mitchell
February 12, 2015 Stori Elizabeth Priscilla and Daren
February 11, 2015 Asher Donald Tiffany and Jory
February 11, 2015 Henry James Neil and Amy
February 10, 2015 Ellie Anne Angelle and Michael
February 10, 2015 Tucker Jeffery Jeff and Sara
February 9, 2015 McKenzie Rose Emily and Mitchel
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